Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Birdie Challenge?
A. The Birdie Challenge is a fun, new fundraising element of the NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic – and it is tied directly to the on-course competition!  Via, you can ”challenge” your friends, family and colleagues to pledge a dollar amount for each birdie your team makes at your upcoming NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic.  Ex:  “I am playing in the NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic at Firestone Country Club.  Please join me in supporting the National Kidney Foundation by making a pledge for each birdie our team makes.”

The Birdie Challenge allows you to ask your friends, family and colleagues to support an event and a cause that is important to you – all in a very fun, easy, and intuitive way – while also likely creating some good-natured banter and (possibly sincere) “encouragement” along the way.

The Birdie Challenge is tied directly to the golf competition - and your team’s performance - making it easy and intuitive to ask others to make a modest online pledge.   


Q. How do I get stared with the Birdie Challenge??
A. It is very easy……..two clicks!   

After you register for your event online, you can click on the Birdie Challenge page and from there you hit the Email, Facebook or Twitter icons where the pledge message is already written for you.  Just click “send”.    If you would like to personalize your email, you certainly may and are encouraged to do so.

The sooner you get started, the more money you will raise and the more gifts you can earn.

Participation is on an individual basis; not all members of a team have to participate.   We encourage you to jump in, give it a try and ask your friends to make a pledge.


Q. Do all four team members have to participate in the Birdie Challenge, or can just one or some team members?
A. Not all team members have to participate. One, two, three or all four team members can participate. But, a team’s chances of reaching the various prize incentive levels will be greatly increased if all four team members reach out to their friends, family and colleagues for Birdie Challenge pledges. All incentive prizes are based on the collective fundraising success of the team – whether one person fundraises or all four.


Q. What are the Birdie Challenge fundraising incentives for golfers?
A. Click here for Prize Information.


Q. Are the incentive prizes for all four team members or just those who fundraise?
A. Each of the four team members receives the incentive prizes, whether they participate in the Birdie Challenge or not.


Q. When someone makes a Birdie Challenge pledge, how does it work; what happens next?
A. 1. When someone makes a pledge to you, you will automatically receive an email with the good news. 2. Your friend (donor) will also automatically receive an email thanking them and confirming their pledge-per-birdie amount. 3. Your Team Page on will highlight those who have made pledges and their pledge-per-birdie amount. 4. Following your event, donors will then be sent an email indicating the number of birdies made by your team, how much they owe based on their pledge-per-birdie, as well as credit card processing/payment details. 5. Upon payment, an acknowledgment/thank you email will be sent to each donor.


Q. Can golfers participate in the Birdie Challenge themselves, pledging money for each birdie their team makes?
A. Of course…..and we thank you greatly! This will also provide you with some more credibility (and show some confidence in your golf game!) when you reach out to your friends, family and associates for Birdie Challenge pledges – and help you raise more money!


Q. Should I ask/encourage my guests/customers to also participate in the Birdie Challenge?
A. Yes. Very often guests at NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic events are looking for ways to “thank” or “re-pay” their host for their generous invitation. The Birdie Challenge provides your guests with an opportunity to support a cause that is important to you. Rather than create a personal expense, they can ask their friends, family and colleagues to make a Birdie Challenge pledge…….and have some fun with them along the way.


Q. Why should I raise additional dollars beyond my team entry fee or sponsorship?
A. A few quick emails or social media posts to your friends, golfing buddies and colleagues will go a very long way toward helping raise additional funds for the National Kidney Foundation and its Awareness, Prevention, and Treatment programs for the 73 million Americans at risk for kidney disease and the 26 million Americans who already have it. In addition, you and your teammates can benefit too via the many gifts awarded to fundraisers, including Greg Norman Collection apparel and trips to the National Finals at Pebble Beach. And……it is fun and easy…….a simple challenge, based on the number of birdies you will make in your upcoming event will quickly turn into a lot of fun banter and “encouragement” from your golfing buddies, friends and colleagues.


Q. Can I just register and pay online and play in the NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic as I have before, and not participate in the Birdie Challenge?
A. Of course, and we very much appreciate your generous support.


Q. Some of my donors have matching gift programs at their places of employment - can they use it for the Birdie Challenge?
A. Very likely, and this is greatly appreciated. They can learn more about their employers matching gift program via: DOUBLE THE DONATION PAGE. Or, contact Alyssa Franklin Murray (NKF Donor Development Manager) for more information on Matching Gifts.


Q. I’d like to host a The NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic at my club, who do I contact?
A. Click here to Contact Us.


Q. My partner paid the team entry fee, how do I get a receipt for my taxes?
A. You would need to get a receipt from your partner.  The National Kidney Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and funds are tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor about possible tax benefits.


Q. Can we donate directly to The National Kidney Foundation and not to a specific team?
A. Yes, a person or corporation can donate to the National Kidney Foundation. Click here to donate.


Q. How can I use my companies matching funds?
A. We encourage the use of corporate matching funds programs as a way to help your team reach its fundraising goal. The National Kidney Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and funds are tax deductible. Email and we will send you the appropriate documentation. Please see the Fundraise Page and click the link to Double My Donation to see if your company matches.


Q. Can I get a webpage and raise money for the NKF Konic Minolta Golf Classic even if I don’t play in an event?
A. Yes, you can join the Friends of the National Kidney Foundation and help raise funds. Click here to set up your team page.You will be eligible to receive similar incentive prizes, including gifts from Tiffany & Co., Greg Norman Collection and a Pebble Beach Experience during the NKF Konica Minolta Golf Classic National Finals. 

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